Source:The History of Salem Massachusetts: Volume I (1626-1637) (Salem: Sidney Perley, 1924)

Material gathered by Janice Farnsworth 

 Excerpt:  First Freemen of Salem, Mass. 1635.   

Only seven men in Salem took the oath of freemen in 1635, viz:

John Blackleach
John Legg

Robert Cotta, May 6.

Richard Adams
 Townsend Bishop
Philip Veren
Thomas Scruggs, September 2d


was a young man, and Robert Cotta was a tailor and also a young man. 1635 - Ship Abigail.

RICHARD ADAMS and his wife Susan came from Northampton this year in the ship Abigail, with John Winthrop, Jr., Hugh Peter, Sir Henry Vane and many others. He was a bricklayer by trade, and twenty-nine years old.His wife was twenty-six. 1635 - Ship James.

PHILIP VEREN and his wife Dorcas and five children came from New Sarum, in the City of Salisbury, England, in the ship James, this year, sailing from Southampton. He was a roper by trade and of middle age.

THOMAS SCRUGGS is said by some to have come with Governor.
(Winthrop Fleet, 1630)
The Full book, The Winthrop Fleet of 1630 by Charles Edward Banks, published Boston: 1930 , is available online at: Winthrop Fleet  

ABRAHAM  WARREN; planter; lived in Salem; wife Isabel died April 5, 1672; he died in the summer of 1682; left a widow. His daughter Mary married John Green.

 JOHN BLACKLEACH married Elizabeth (???); was living in Salem in 1663; children: 5. Desire, born April 13, 1636; 2. Exercise, born Jan. (??), 1637-8; 3. Joseph, born Jan. 8, 1638-9; 4. Elizabeth, born Dec.(??), 1641; died Oct. (??), 1642; 5. Benony, born May (??), 1643; 6. Elizabeth, born Aug. 12, 1644; married Thomas West of Beverly.

 ROBERT COTTA  lived in the Northfield, near the home of J. Fred Hussey; married Jone (???); sold his homestead in 1664, and probably removed from the town; children: I. (???) (son), baptized Jan. 28, 1637-8; 2. Bethshua, baptized March 24, 1639-40; 3. Mary, baptized Sept. 19, 1640; 4. Peter, baptized May 1, 1642; 5. Obadiah, baptized Sept. 10, 1643; 6. John, baptized May 11, 1645. Richard Adams probably removed to Charlestown or Malden; children: I. Mary; married (???) Clough; 2. Sarah; married Edward Counts of Charlestown; 3. Ruth; married Lazarus (?) Glover; 4. Hannah, born Jan. (??), 1663.

 PHILIP VEREN lived in Salem; married Dorcas (???); Torrey p.767 has: Philip Veren (-1649?) & Dorcas [?Hilliard] (who died 1659+) m. in England; Salem, Mass. He died in 1649; she was his widow in 1659; children, born in New Sarum: I. Robert; 2. Philip. p.304

THOMAS SCRUGGS and his wife Margaret, came with Endecott in 1628. He was a planter here, and died in the spring of 1654. His wife Margaret died Jan. 26. 1662-3.

BENJAMIN FELTON brought into the country, as his servant, a man named Robert Scarlett, a known thief, who, after he came, committed divers breaches of the law. It was ordered by the general court, Oct. 6, 1635, that said Robert Scarlett be severely whipped, branded in the forehead with the letter T and be sent out of the colony. October 28, 1636, the general court, having heard that Scarlett showed signs of amendment, permitted him to remain, which he probably did not do, as he is not again mentioned.

JOHN GALLEY  appeared before the general court for a misdemeanor, and was fined, Oct. 6, 1635. He had just married, apparently, and his wife's name was Florence. He was at this time about thirty years old, and his wife was two years his junior.

 WIDOW ANN SCARLETT came to Salem in 1635, bringing with her her three children, Mary, Margaret and Joseph. [Torrey, p.656 had Anne (Grafton) Scarlet wife of ?John Scarlett.

 ROBERT VEREN;2 died before 1639; child: I. Robert;3 living in 1647.

PHILIP VEREN;2 wheelwright; married, first, Jane (???) before 1640; second, Joanna (???); she died Aug. 30, 1664; he was living in 1665; children: I. Bethia,3 baptized Nov. 14, 1641; Dorcas,3 baptized April 16, 1643; 3. Philip,3 baptized March 23, 1645; 4. Hannah;3 5. Mary,3 born Aug. 20, 1659; died April 20, 1662; 6. Deliverance,3 born Nov. 11, 1661; 7. Adoniram,3 baptized before September, 1664.

 ENS. HILLIARD VEREN;2 merchant and scrivener; called brother-in-law of Edmund Batter in 1669; married Mary Conant April 12, 1641; died Dec. 20, 1683; she died, his widow, in 1692; children: I. Mary,3 born Feb. 15, 1641-2; married Samuel Williams; 2. Deliverance,3 born Feb. 23, 1644-5; 3. Hilliard,3 born April (??). 1649; merchant; married Hannah Price May 4, 1670; died at Barbadoes in 1680; she died his widow, in 1683; they left no children; 4. Dorcas,3 baptized March 7, 1652; married Timothy Hicks; 5. Sarah,3 baptized April 22, 1654; married Deliverance Parkman; 6. Abigail,3 baptized Aug. 21, 1655, married Benjamin Marston.

NATHANIEL VEREN;2 married Mary (???); died in or before 1665; she married, second, Lt. Joseph Putnam Nov. 14. 1666; child : I. Mary,3 born in 1648; married Timothy Lindall. 1John Galley lived in that part of Salem which was incorporated as Beverly in 1668; died in the autumn of 1683; wife Florence survived him, and died, his widow, in Beverly Dec, 23, 1686. Their daughter Elizabeth married, first Osmund Trask; second, John Giles. In his will, dated May 22. 1683 Mr. Galley mentioned "my son-in-law William Hoare," "my son Killicress Ross," and "my grandchildren, Sarah Ross, Elizabeth Trask and Mary Johnson." p.305 A lad, eleven years old, named Benjamin Scarlet, appeared in Salem at about the same time as Widow Scarlett and her family, but whether they were related is unknown. Benjamin Scarlett was apprenticed in the same year to Gov. John Endecott and remained his servant until Governor Endecott's decease, a period of thirty years.1 [No mention of Benjamin Scarlett in Torrey's New England Marriages prior to 1700.] Winthrop Society has: Scarlet, Benjamin . . . . . . . 1635 - Salem. End excerpt - First Freemen of Salem, Mass. 1635.