Puritanism, Churches and Ministers of Salem

The First Church in Salem: History and Archives

Included among it's list of Prominent Parishioners are:

Samuel Skelton The Church's first pastor (1629-1634).
Francis Higginson The author of the Church's Covenant and its first teacher (1629-1630)
Roger Williams Founder of the First Baptist Church in America; third minister of this church in 1635.
Hugh Peter The Church's fourth minister (1636-1641) return to England and became chaplain to Oliver Cromwell and was hanged, drawn and quartered for complicity in the death of King Charles I.
Rebecca Nurse and Giles Cory Two of the victims of the witchcraft hysteria of 1692.
Nathaniel Hawthorne And the Hawthorne family
Lincoln F. Bingham Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Massachusetts
Nathaniel Peabody Father of the Peabody sisters, Sophia and Mary Leverett Saltonstall First mayor of Salem Henry K. Oliver Organist and composer

New England Ministers
Time of the arrival in New England of the following ministers, from "The New England Historical and Genealogical Register" Vol. 1 (1847) and various other sources.


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