Salem Census & Residents Information

Salem Heads of Household, 1790 US Federal Census

A listing of all Salem heads of household, as reported in the 1790 US Federal Census. Note that this list contains names only, and not the entire census detail.


Residents of Salem

The Residents of Salem, The First Town of the Massachusetts Bay Commonwealth From Original Records up to the Year 1651.
This document contains information gathered from J.B. Felt's "Annals of Salem" 2nd edition, 2 vols., Salem, 1845.
Felt's sources were the original colonial records, many of which have since been lost.

Essex County, Massachusetts Federal Census Index  

                   Census Year             Roll #

                    1790                        M637-4     

                    1800                        M32-14    

                    1810                        M252-18   

                    1820                        M33-49    

                    1830                        M19-61

                    1840 (4 reels)         M704-179         

                    1850: Salem            M432-312 

                    1860:Salem             M653-497

                    1870: Salem             M593-613 

                    1880 (7 rolls)           T9-526  to  T9-532
                                                     Salem city: Wards 1--6.

                     1890                       Special  Schedule:Union Vets. and Widows   M123-15

                     1900 (9 rolls)         T623-640 to T623-648 .  Including Winter Island.
                                                    Institution(s): Salem city House of Correction and Jail.

                     1910 (9 rolls)           T624-580  to T624-588  
                                                      Salem city: Wards 1--6    

                     1920 (10 rolls)          T625-688      

                     1930 (10 rolls)          T626-894  to T626

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